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Fortescue boss challenges legal action by lawyers seeking compensation for staff, who worked without sick pay for 17 months

The owner of an independent newspaper wants to take legal action against the city of Portland after a review revealed that the paper employed only 18 people in its offices last year.

The paper employs 16 in the Portland offices for what is called a "non-vested contract," and according to city records only 17 of the people in that contract worked sick. A separate analysis by the Associated Press found that nine of the nine employees were being paid in cash.

The owner of The Oregonian newspaper, Jack Burkman, said he wants to start an open records investigation of how many people in the Portland office worked for paid sick days.

Story Continued Below

He and his partners, Frank and Marjorie Zingerman, filed a request with City Administrator Barbara Murray on Thursday to request all reports from Portland's Human Resources Department for work-related days, which are typically counted over the course of one full calendar month.

Burkman, a former chief of staff to Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin, said the information he had about the employees of the paper should be public because it allows him to see how often they worked outside of the legally required 18 sick days for each employee.

The Zingermovans, who own Portland's Oregonian newspaper, declined to comment for this story.

Burkman has said his goal in filing the request is to prove to Murray and other city officials that employees in his paper don't receive "non-vested" pay, which is a measure of how much they aren't entitled to when they aren't working for the city.

Burkman's request for all work-related sick days from 2011 through 2014 says that about 90 to 95 of the workers who worked in Portland's offices at the time were not being paid for their sick days. In the year that the AP analysis was done, the number was around 98.

The newspaper said it works to keep employees safe by reporting what is known about incidents that can result in serious injuries for its staff and staff-to-staff contacts.

In 2013, for example, The Oregonian published an op-ed piece by a woman who said she was fired because she couldn't take a month off work to care for her daughter. The piece was later corrected, with a signer apology.

Portland, like most of the rest of the Portland metro, has an "exception" where employees who are not paid by the month can be paid by their week, but that exception is restricted to 10 percent of the total work week.

In an earlier statement released to the AP, city spokesman Dan Saltzman said there is no provisio

Indonesian police intercept asylum seeker boat as it arrives in Kalimantan's port from Indonesia on Friday

Asylum seeker boat makes the longest voyage of the year so far to Kalimantan's port before being escorted by police ashore

Asylum seeker boat leaves Indonesia's remote northern island of Borneo to leave for Kalimantan

Australia confirms that a boat carrying around 300 asylum seekers from Papua New Guinea was intercepted by Indonesian security forces Thursday before it made the first leg of its trip to Kalimantan.

'Australian authorities made contact with the Indonesian government on Thursday about a ship which had left its international dock in Malabar, Indonesia, carrying more than 300 asylum seekers,' Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told reporters.

'They were escorted from the dock and arrived at Malabar International Airport, where they were searched by a crew of Indonesian police.'

While the boat was intercepted by Indonesian police before it made the voyage to Kalimantan, Dutton admitted it was in 'the process of being escorted into Indonesian waters'.

The boat carrying 300 asylum seekers - some from Guinea - arrived on the coast of Papua New Guinea near Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby on Friday morning, the Australian government confirmed, confirming that it was heading to Kalimantan.

As asylum seekers arrive in Kalimantan's harbour they are handed to immigration officials as Indonesian police try to catch the boat

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that his government 'can't, and won't, accept boats' attempting to enter Australia.

'I'm quite clear we can't, and won't accept boats that are heading for Australia or illegally heading towards Australia,' he said.

'The reality is the asylum-seeker boat has left the Indonesian harbour and has now made its way to Kalimantan. It is in Indonesian waters. The Indonesian government is the owner, has responsibility, and they're responsible for the situation.'

Australian Federal Police Captain Simon Dutton (right) and two members of Australian police team on the ground at the scene on Friday morning

Captain Simon Dutton (left) and two of the police officers on the ground are seen by a group of journalists at the incident

Captain Simon Dutton (right) and another officer on the ground stand outside the refugee boat at the incident

The boat was intercepted at its final stop, near the island of Borneo, as it made the 2,000-mile voyage through Indonesia.

The official boat, dubbed the 'R2-D2', is expected to arrive in Kalimantan with a combined cargo of 200 people.

But Indonesia warned that its people would seize the boat. Indonesian Prime Minister Hin
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